Kardos Mad Kiss 2015

Year: 2015

Variety: 100% Muscat Lunel / Sárga muskotály
Origin of vineyard: Mézes Mály vineyard, Tarcal
Grapes were harvested by hand into plastic baskets, 16-18kg/ each at the first week of September to control fresh acidity and low alcohol.
After a very fast selection and crushing, the berries were pressed in pneumatic press (yield control is 60%).
Fermentation with added yeast culture was in stainless steel tanks, with temperature control.
Fining and clearing by natural bentonite in december.
Bottling was in february by added CO2, final pressure in bottle is 3,6 bar.

The final wine has a fresh, floral nose with elderflower with a hint of muscat and citrus. The wine is light  bodied and with nice acidity and small, creamy bubbles. The taste is is full of fresh grape, pine apple and grapefruit.
Kardos MadKiss was planned as a refreshing , easydrinking, popular summer sparkling wine, and we hope that the final wine is reaching our and our ocustomers’ expectations as well 🙂