Kardos Padihegy Furmint 2012

Furmint, Year: 2012

We only prepare our Padihegy vineyard selection in outstanding vintages. The aim is to create a concentrated, mellow wine, capable of displaying the unique characteristics of the vineyard in the optimum way. We do not press the grapes, simply ferment only the free-run must.

Grape variety:  Furmint

Production area: Padihegy (medium-high cordon, average age of vines 35 years)

Harvest time: 2nd week of October, hand-harvested into small plastic containers

Wine-making: After destemming, one day skin maceration. No pressing. After separation of the must, alcoholic fermentation with wild yeast in new 500l Zemplén oak barrels. Battonage twice weekly.  After racking, barrel aging for six months. Fining with betonite before bottling.