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We can trace our family history in Mád back for more than two hundred years. Mád grapes and wine have provided a livelihood for generations. In the modern sense, my father, Gábor Kardos Snr, laid the foundations of the family winery in 1989, starting to sell our wines in our own wine cellar. From the mid-2000s, I gradually became more involved in the management of our small family vineyard. Using stricter yield restrictions, multiple bunch selection and selective, multiple harvesting, we are endeavouring to make optimum use of the exceptional characteristics of our land and to demonstrate the extraordinary uniqueness of the Mád terroir. Our aim is to primarily create characteristic, dry white wines and late harvest dessert wines. We only produce aszú in exceptional vintages and then only in limited quantities.

Our philosophy: “The creation of as natural wines as possible from concentrated, healthy raw materials, in a clean environment and with as little intervention as possible.”

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Tokaj is the centre of our world

The Tokaj wine region is not only Hungary’s most prestigious wine-growing area, for me it is the centre of the world, blessed with  the kind of natural conditions that can only encourage us to benefit from it with both respect and humility.
Mád’s mineral-rich, rocky, volcanic soil yields full-bodied wines with mineral notes, capable of supporting powerful acidity. Moreover, thanks to its special microclimate, botrytis occurs every year.
The wine region produces almost exclusively white wines, among which are outstanding aszú, szamorodni and dry Furmints. 

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